Song:    Rick Jacobus     Pledge:   Bob Buckland
Prayer:   Doug Harder

Guests:   Jim Perkins introduced Zinnia  (aka Alice), his wife;

Fines:   Orian, because he is Orian.

Announcements:   Doug reported Jim Robinson is doing better, keep him in your prayers.

Flyer and sign-up sheet was passed out by Orian for the upcoming Dual Dist. Leadership Conference and Awards Luncheon Saturday, Sep 29.

The Foundation still has a Cemetery plot & Burial Vault at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Centennial.  Contact Carl or Tim if interested.  When I get the link for Craig’s list I will send it out.

Last week’s winners of the Bronco’s pool were Harder, Campbell, Jacobus & Gomez.

Oktoberfest by DTC, PLATTE CANYON, and SOUTHGLEEN SERTOMA CLUBS present their first Annual Oktoberfest:  Sep. 22, 6-10pm @ Southglenn Country Club 1498 E. Easter Ave, Centennial. BZeer, Food, Games, DJ, Dancing and Fellowship…$40

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?

Our New Web link…  built with the help of Karie Farr, whose business is .  The old web address will not exist shortly so bookmark the new one.

Sertoman of the Day:  Bob Stein said we have all read or heard his bio so he gave a little history of the club and when he was the President and Gold Coat recipient.  Bob is a Denver native, is the oldest of five kids and has been up here since 1974?, giving his life history. Bob is married to Diane with over 50 years under his belt, has one daughter, one son-in-law and one grandchild (keeps it simple that way). Gary Castle got him into Sertoma. Bob has been past President (85-86) – Gold Coat, and past District Governor in 1989. Back then, there was only one District with 17 clubs which kept him busy trying to visit all of them on a timely manner.

Bob decided to enlisted in the Navy in 1960 instead of finishing college and took training to be a Fire Control Officer (they don’t put out fires, they compute all kinds of things before firing the big guns). About half way through that he got into submarine school. The first part of the training was to learn about every system on the boat. He was able to get duty in Pearl Harbor. He was assigned to the third nuclear sub ever built, the USS Seadragon SSN-584. He then got to go back to school to learn the fire control systems on a new sub in Long Beach. Bob figured out that the more schools he went to, the less time he would be on a ship. He was the junior member of the crew so he was almost an E-5 but still got stuck with mess duty (this was around 1961).

This was during the cold war so their duty was to keep an eye on the Russians. The only limit on their duty at sea was how much food they could stuff on board. So he got to go to the North Pole, test weapons, chase Russians, learn to dive, and all other sorts of fun stuff, not to forget that he went around the world about 22 times. He didn’t want to leave Hawaii but he eventually did and came back home and started doing new systems for a new sub. He was then stationed in Spain and got to patrol the Mediterranean. He eventually took the test to go to E-8 and passed, but declined the commission and got out of the service.  After the service, Bob started several banks in the area and started a Car Wash with another Sertoman.  We just learned the Bob has sold the Car Wash, no wonder there weren’t any quarters on the table.

Listen to Bob Stein.mp3

  Rick Jacobus introduced Buzz Pankoff, along with Jen Comstock and Karen Lauter, to give a presentation on this year’s Soap Box Derby Championship Winner Allison Pankoff, Buzz’s daughter.  Jen has boys that race and Karen is the Dry Creek Sertoma Club President.

“By the time Allison Pankoff approached the starting line for the championship rally master’s race of the All-American Soap Box Derby Championship in Akron, Ohio, on July 21, she already felt content.

This was Pankoff’s sixth appearance in Akron, the mecca for derby racers, and would be her last. She already achieved more than she expected.

Last year she said her goodbyes to Soap Box Derby racing. At the insistence of a close friend, she decided to make one last run in Akron. She quickly collected the required number of victories from races around the Midwest to qualify for the race.

Days before her final race, the 19-year-old from Parker, then 18, won her very first heat in the national derby. And that would have been enough, she thought.

In her next heat she posted what would be the fastest time of the weekend. That helped with the nerves.”  (goto below link for full story).

(,267805 )

Listen to Buzz Pankoff.mp3

Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated July 30, 2018

Arapahoe Calendar:
Sertoman of the Year presentation postponed
Sep 20 – Dave Plate, CU Sports Information Dir.
Sep 22 – Oktoberfest
Sep 27 – Matt Crain, Co. Clerk & Recorder
Sep 29 – Dist. Leadership Conference
Oct 30 Englewood Chamber Service Club Luncheon
Dec. 14th Christmas Party at Raccoon Creek Golf Course

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list
Sep 13 – Jack Thompson
Sep 20 – John Vierthaler
Sep 27 – Gary Athey
Oct – 4 Ed Bezjak
Oct 11 – Bill Benton

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Flying Five:    Ed Bezjak
Pot of Gold:   Don Smith
Hand Shake:  n/a