Song:   Pat McKim   Pledge:    Pat McKim
Prayer:   Dave Miley

Guests:  Ann Robinson, sister of our speaker James Walters.

Fines:   Cell Phone violation.

Announcements:   Norm Schillo is doing good but still weak, needs to be on his oxygen and is getting great care.  He has been moved to extended care at the same location and would like phone calls.

Dick Mason had an aunt that passed away so left town.

Scott held a quick meeting with the Foundation members and decided to donate $500 based on this request:   “I have a special request involving a single mother at my daughter’s elementary school.  She lived in a section 8 apartment with three children.  The man living in the apartment next to her fell asleep and set the apartments on fire.  Fortunately, no one was injured.  However, she lost everything in the fire and still cannot reenter the apartment.  She is living with a sister for two weeks but is still in need of permanent housing and clothes, food, etc.  I am asking for a$500 donation to help out.  She works but doesn’t earn enough to pay the bills and get back on her feed.  He name is Cory Stover and her girls are 10, 13 and 14.  She has no insurance as she cancelled the policy the month before to pay for outstanding bills.  Please let me know if you think this is a worthy cause.  Thanks, Scott “

Dave Miley announced that he has retired from real-estate after 47 years of service with many Sertomans as his clients.

Doug Harder is our new Membership Director and handed out a sheet with places to enter names or places to find potential new members.  Everyone is expected to participate.

Last week’s winners of the Bronco’s pool were:  Buckland, Laudermilk, Gomez & Harder.    View this week’s Pool:   Broncos v Chiefs.

John V.  pitched an event his step daughter is in,  Westernaires.  Saturday, October 27 and Sunday October 28.  John was selling tickets or donations…..See Flyer.

Tim is out of the Directory inserts.

The Englewood Chamber lunch I believe is Oct 30…a Tuesday and we will have a lunch meeting that Thursday, Nov 1st  because of a low sign-up for the Chamber event.

The Foundation still has a Cemetery plot & Burial Vault at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Centennial.  Contact Carl or Tim if interested.  When I get the link for Craig’s list I will send it out.

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?

Our New Web link…  built with the help of Karie Farr, whose business is .  The old web address will not exist shortly so bookmark the new one.

Sertoman of the Day:  No SOD because we have a program.

Program:   John Vierthaler introduced James Walters.  Jim Walters, Retired Pastor of Bear Valley Church in Lakewood, Colorado, serves as Executive Director. Connie Walters, Jim’s faithful and long-suffering wife, serves as the Administrative and Financial Manager. Their home in Milliken doubles as the Servants of Christ International corporate office.

Jim had a presentation on the history of Burma Shave and the famous roadside signs that we used to see.  Go here for the Wikipedia page and history.

Servants of Christ International was founded in Dallas, Texas in November of 1987 at the urging of Ken Brittain, a graduate of Criswell Bible College, and with Jim Walters, who at the time was serving as Arrangements Coordinator for International Crusades, Inc.

These two, along with several others, were men and women who had been on “short-term” mission trips with International Crusades, Inc., a ministry that empowered regular people with no second language or cross-cultural skills to go and partner with a church in a foreign nation for ten days. (Today they are known as International Commission, Inc., of Lewisville, Texas.)

These people had experienced a new dimension of seeing God’s work in action through International Crusades’ two-week partnerships, but they wanted to do more missions work in the same place (more often than International Crusades could return to a prior location).

Some of them planned to move on to the field where they had served short-term; others would remain “at their day jobs” in the USA but make repeated trips and/or send supplies and funds to the partners they had met through International Crusades.

The original vision was simple: set up a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt ministry that would provide administrative handling of contributions as well as basic oversight and accountability, to virtually any believer of like mind and faith, who had a calling to go somewhere and do something that would result in bringing divine resources to meet human need. The original group cared about evangelism and church growth, but also about the needs of widows and orphans and health and hunger issues.

Over the years about 80 different people qualified and served as Servants under this ministry. Today about 53 are still active, including several who live on other continents.

We believe the greatest days of our ministry lie just ahead, and we are anticipating a rapid surge in our ability to minister through “Serving People—Sending Hope.”   Listen to James Walters.mp3

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Oct 30 Englewood Chamber Service Club Luncheon
Dec. 14th Christmas Party at Raccoon Creek Golf Course

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Pot of Gold:   Tim Pollak
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