Song:   Pat McKim   Pledge:    Randy Smith
Prayer:   Dave Miley

Guests:  n/a

Fines:   Cell Phone violation.

Announcements:   Scott thanked all the Veterans for their service.  Thank you Scott for thinking about us, it means a lot.

Tim mentioned that the Board is having their Quarterly meeting next week to discuss donation ideas and requests.  Board members are to come up with some ideas.

Norm Schillo is doing good but still weak, needs to be on his oxygen and is getting great care.  He has been moved to extended care at the same location and would like phone calls.

Last week’s winners of the Bronco’s pool were:  Mason, Alice Perkins, Benton & ?.  No game this week, now you don’t have to feel bad if you wanted to boycott the game but watched it anyway.

The Foundation still has a Cemetery plot & Burial Vault at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Centennial.  Contact Carl or Tim if interested.  When I get the link for Craig’s list I will send it out.

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?

Doug Harder is our new Membership Director and handed out a sheet with places to enter names or places to find potential new members.  Everyone is expected to participate.

Our New Web link…  built with the help of Karie Farr, whose business is .  The old web address will not exist shortly so bookmark the new one.

Sertoman of the Day:  No SOD because we have a program.

Program:  Mike Magee introduced Peter Slatin.  Peter is a graduate from Colorado Center for the Blind and came today to tell us about that center, plus tell us about his life which started out with sight but lost most of it in middle age.

CCB:  Our Independence Training Program (ITP) is designed for blind adults (18 years of age and older).  Typically students complete the program in six to nine months while residing in nearby McGeorge Mountain Terrace apartments, which are owned by the Center.  Participants not only build the skills that they need to be independent, but also focus on gaining confidence and belief in themselves as blind people.

A key part of ITP training involves the use of sleepshades.  All students with residual vision wear sleepshades to strengthen reliance on other senses and use of alternative skills.  This builds confidence in their ability to approach all life situations.

Youth Programs – FAST Saturdays – Year-round Youth Programs
FAST stands for Fun Activities and Skills Training. This program will meet the second Saturday of each month throughout the school year. Some Saturdays we will simply focus on having fun as we develop skills. Other Saturdays we will participate in a variety of challenge recreation activities.  You won’t want your kids to miss it!

College Prep
As part of our Independence Training Program, the Colorado Center for the Blind offers a College Prep course to those students interested in going on to college or in returning to college after training at the Center. In addition to ITP classes, the 9-week College Prep class will provide:

Assessment of academic and tech readiness
Practice with multiple note taking strategies
Proficiency in finding and using multiple alternate formats
Understanding of civil rights laws in Higher Ed and your responsibilities
Understanding the value and limitations of the Disability Services office on campus
Understanding the VR process, your rights and responsibilities
Coaching in writing and public speaking skills
Effective strategies for d

It takes inspiration and perspiration
You’ve seen the video, below are the details of the services – the perspiration – of the skills and attitude our Senior Program offers!
Group of Seniors Hiking along the High Line Canal Trail to the Platt River

The Colorado Center for the Blind works to change the experience of older blind and visually impaired persons from frustration to independence. With education and training seniors can and do obtain the skills and confidence necessary to stay in their own homes and be contributing members of society.
As such, we offer an array of services to seniors experiencing vision loss:

Listen to Peter Slatin.mp3

Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated July 30, 2018

Arapahoe Calendar:
Oct 30 Englewood Chamber Service Club Luncheon
Dec. 14th Christmas Party at Raccoon Creek Golf Course

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list:
Bob Buckland
Rick Campbell
Glenn Combellick
Carl Duncan

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Pot of Gold:   Tim Pollak
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