Song:   Mike Magee   Pledge:    Scott Manley
Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests:  n/a


Announcements:  Rick Jacobus announced Freedom Week is just around the corner.  He is picking up the essays now.  One school dropped out so there is 7 now.  Past readers please help Rick.

Mike passed a sign-up sheet around for the Christmas Party Dec. 14th at Racoon Golf Course.  Surf & Turf  $25/person.

Scott Manley talked about some changes that Sertoma National is proposing so they will have better communications with the clubs.

Doug Harder took the stage and first thing he asked was how many members had their list completed….That stumped the group.  Then, he had a quiz for a $5 payout.  What 3 cities became Denver?   Montana City,  St. Charles & Auraria.  (no one won the prize).

Doug was contacted by The Salvation Army to ring a bell this season and he volunteered.  He asked if anyone was interested and took their names (even if they were scratching their nose).  He said he would turn in the names and that the Army would then contact you for date, times and location.  Doug also says he may have a new member (and he isn’t over 60 years old).

Gary mentioned how he is going to send me the audio file and photos of the meeting today by using a web site called   You can send large files and you don’t have to sign up for anything but for the free service, your limited in how many times a day you can use the service.

Norm Schillo is doing OK – hasn’t moved to assisted living yet but is waiting for a room to open – meanwhile his roster phone number is his regular apartment – he’s not there – he’s on his cell phone the number of which is 720-341-5827.

The Foundation still has a Cemetery plot & Burial Vault at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Centennial.  Contact Carl or Tim if interested.  When I get the link for Craig’s list I will send it out.

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?

Doug Harder is our new Membership Director and handed out a sheet with places to enter names or places to find potential new members.  Everyone is expected to participate.

Our New Web link…  built with the help of Karie Farr, whose business is .  The old web address will not exist shortly so bookmark the new one.

Sertoman of the Day:  No SOD because we have a program.

Program:    Mike Magee introduced Scott Roush, Park Manager at Chatfield State Park  who came today to talk about the Reallocation Project.

Securing Water Storage For Our Future

The Chatfield Reservoir Reallocation Project came about as the result of a growing demand for water in Colorado’s Front Range and on northeast Colorado farms. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) determined Chatfield Reservoir can accommodate an additional 20,600 acre feet of water storage for water supply without compromising its flood control function. This additional storage space will be used by municipal and agricultural water providers to help meet the diverse needs of the state.

Project participants will undertake recreational modifications and environmental mitigations at Chatfield State Park to address the impacts of additional water storage.

Helicopter Work

Beginning October 8, 2018, helicopter operations will occur to remove downed trees and woody debris within Chatfield State Park’s fluctuation zone.  The helicopter is used to grapple out collected debris bundles and larger trees from areas that are otherwise inaccessible to heavy machinery.  CRMC is anticipating this round of helicopter work to be completed by mid-November 2018.

For safety measures, closures will be in place for any areas the helicopter is working in.  A large majority of the currently prepped areas for helicopter operations will take place within the existing construction closures.  Please continue to check our website at   for updated closure information.   Listen to Scott Roush.mp3

Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated July 30, 2018

Arapahoe Calendar:
Nov 29th What’s New at South Suburban Park Dist.
Dec. 14th Christmas Party at Raccoon Creek Golf Course

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Upcoming SOD list:
Bob Buckland
Rick Campbell
Glenn Combellick
Carl Duncan

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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