Song:  Ed Bezjak           Pledge:   Joe Gomez    Prayer:  Rev. Robinson

Guests: Vicky Oren, Rev. Robinson’s LSC and Mike Ballew for his annual lunch.

Fines:  n/a

Announcements:   Tim announced that the Foundation is having a meeting May 17 to discuss who to give donations to.  They would like your help if you know of any worthy person or cause, let them know.

Several more Raffle tickets were sold on-line and most of them were from outside of Denver so someone has spread the word.  Let’s get the word out, any way you can, you still have a week for the on-line sales before it’s shut down May 15th.

May 17 will also be the Clubs Leadership conference so all members are encouraged to attend lunch.  There will not be a scheduled program that day. Also information on this year’s Induction Banquet.

New Officer list for the next year:  We will be voting on the list next week, May 17th.
Chairman of the Board:  Pat McKim
President:  Gary Athey
V-President Programs: Randy Smith
V-President Sponsorship:  Chad Kasson
V-President Membership:  Clark Bennett
Treasure:  Dick Mason
Secretary:  Mike Magee
Ways & Means:  Joe Gomez
Director of Sponsorship:  Tom Fry
Director of Social Events:  Orian Hunter
Attendance:  Mike Magee
Publicity:  Don Smith
Incentives:  John Laudermilk
Sgt & Arms:  Doug Harder, Ed Bezjak & Rick Jacobus

Dick Mason has new King Soopers cards for $25.  The club receives %5 back when you use them but don’t let the amount on them get to zero or the card is no good and you would have to buy another one.  You can add more value to the cards, just ask Dick on the details.

Our New Web link…  built with the help from  Karie, who’s business is  and she built the web page for A-1scuba

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?  Miley mentioned one at Top Golf.  Any other ideas?

Sertoman of the Day:   The Cat Dr., Dr. Bruce Elsey, was greeted with a room full of “MEOWS”.  He opened with this:  He was born on Sept 11, 1951 in Garden City, KS (five generations).  Went to H.S. there and it is still standing. The river that runs through it is the Arkansas (pronounced Ar Kansas. With a draft number of 23, Bruce just missed being called into the service in the early 70’s because Viet Nam was winding down and Saigon fell.

Bruce married Kathleen in 1976 and graduated from Vet school in 1977. They have twin sons born in 1982 and graduated from KS St.  They are both married now and so far there are 6 grandkids.  Bruce now owns the cat clinic but is semi-retired and sells cat litter.

He mentioned Garden City had the largest outdoor concrete swimming pool that was free until they added things like a slide and now charge to use the facility.

Significant dates in the life of DR BUCE ELSEY, DVM are as follows:
1951 age 0 born in Garden City Ks
1961 age 10 sorted pop bottles for his father’s store
1965-67 age 14 repaired roofs and performed other construction jobs due to a tornado
1969 age 18 entered the livestock industry by raising hogs
1976 age 25 married Kathleen
1977 age 26 graduated veterinary school (Kansas State Univ)
1978 age 27 started All Cat Clinic in Englewood
1979 age 28 brought into the club by Steve Bolyard
1982 age 31 twin boys were born
1989 age 38 started selling his special brand of cat litter (my cat loves to poop in it)
2008 age 57 gave a couple famous sayings from President Eisenhower (he was from Kansas).  Kathleen’s health has been improving.    Listen to Listen to Bruce Elsey.mp3

Program:  John Vierthaler introduced Kelly Honecker who came to tell us about Water for People.

Water and sanitation infrastructure isn’t just part of what we do, it is in our DNA. Born out of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the largest nonprofit, scientific, and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, Water For People was established in 1991.

In the early 1980s, Ken Miller, with CH2M and a former president of AWWA; Wayne Weiss, with Black & Veatch; and John B. Mannion, a former executive director of AWW​A, shared the vision of a world where all people have access to safe water and adequate sanitation. The three joined forces to support Water For People’s creation and future as a leader in social responsibility and innovation in the sector.

We continue to have a very strong partnership with AWWA, the Water Environment Federation, the Water Quality Association, the National Association of Water Companies, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies.     Listen to Kelly Honecker.mp3

Upcoming programs and events
Sertoma Area Calendar

Arapahoe Calendar:
May 17th Club Leadership Conference
Dec. 9th  Christmas Party at Lone Tree CC

Upcoming SOD list

May 17 – Mike Ballew
May 24 – Rick Jacobus
May 31 – John Laudermilk
Jun 1 – Mike Magee
Jun 8 – Scott Manley

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

Click here for a printable version PDF

Flying Five:   Mike Ballew
Pot of Gold:   John Vierthaler
Hand Shake:  n/a