Song:  Tom Fry        Pledge:   Don Smith
Prayer:   Scott Manley

Guests:   Jim Perkins introduced Pernela (aka Alice), his wife;   Carley Baldwin and her dad Tom Beaudreau.

Fines:    Bob Buckland was fined for not introducing his granddaughter Carley or her dad Tom.

Announcements:    The Foundation still has a Cemetery plot & Burial Vault at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Centennial.  Contact Carl or Tim if interested.  When I get the link for Craigs list I will send it out.

Last week’s winners of the Bronco’s pool were Schillo, Buckland, Athey & Pollak.

Tim relayed a message from his wife Ruth.  She wanted to thank everyone for their support for the Second Wind fund raising event last week.

Bill asked how many people would be interested in a bus trip to Central City/Blackhawk.  Looks like most people raised their hands.

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?  Miley mentioned one at Top Golf.

Our New Web link…  built with the help of Karie Farr, whose business is .  The old web address will not exist shortly so bookmark the new one.

Sertoman of the Day:  Don Smith gave another outstanding recall of his past up to the present with just a couple changes:  He no longer owns a dirt bike due to a minor injury but more so he doesn’t want any more injuries.  Also his new hobby/adventure is being a member of the Civil Air Patrol.  There is a better chance now that a missing plane, missing hiker or new fire hotspots will be detected sooner with him in the plane.

I’m Bad

Don Smith was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946. His parents were both Colorado natives and were transferred back to the Denver area six months later.

After the Navy tour, Don went to work in Southern California as an assembly line worker for a company that made metal desks, then Orange County Communications and then worked  for a rock, sand and gravel company. Due to back pain from an automobile accident 3 years earlier, he packed up the family and moved to Nebraska were he did land leveling for a couple years before going to tech school to learn electronics. After school, he worked for King Radio in Kansas.

Don started working for the railroads in 1980 when he hired on with the ATSF in Emporia, KS.  In 1984, he transferred to Pueblo and worked there until his job was abolished.  He ended up quitting the Santa Fe and worked briefly at CFI Steel Mill in Pueblo, then with the D&RGW RR. In 1993, he was laid off and 4 months later, was hired by the BN (BNSF)  in Denver and had been there until his retirement Sep. 2nd, 2012.  2 months later he turned 65 so is now both retired and on the government’s health plan (Medicare).  Don married #3 (Jean) in 1996, she gets credit for the look and feel of our web page and newsletter.  His current hobbies are dirt bike riding, sometimes with McKim, driving the trains at Tiny Town (no more) in the summer and driving a pick-up van for Project C.U.R.E.  He is now making some contacts so he can do a little flying.   Mike Ballew brought him into the club about 21 years ago.    Listen to Don Smith.mp3

Program:  Bob Buckland introduced Jay Seller and CJ Powell from Bob’s granddaughter Carley has been going there since she had a diving accident.

Our Mission
NeuAbility strives to optimize the level of overall wellness for those impacted by paralysis through progressive, evidence-based adaptive exercise, alternative medicine practices and the cultivation of a robust community.

Program Participation
To participate in any of our programs listed below, individuals must complete an application which includes a physician’s approval and disclosure of any complications. Our highly-trained staff looks forward to providing you with the highest quality of services available.

Adaptive Exercise
NeuAbility offers a safe, high-intensity program designed to promote overall wellness & quality of life for individuals affected by paralysis. Our Adaptive Exercise Specialists provide one-on-one, exercise-based program tailored to meet individual needs for participants of any age, appropriate during any stage of rehabilitation.

Open Gym
Open Gym offers members the use of our state-of-the-art facility and adaptive exercise equipment to use at their own pace. The Open Gym program is open during regular business hours and gives individuals access to weight-bearing equipment, weight and cardio equipment and can be combined with one-on-one sessions (at no additional charge) to maximize value

Integrative Therapies
Through Medicaid and the HCBS-SCI waiver, we offer alternative therapies that include acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy. To verify your eligibility and enroll, visit: State of Colorado Healthcare Policy and Finance for SCI Waiver. These services are also available on a private pay basis, for individuals who don’t qualify under the given criteria.

They have a fund raising event called Hops for Hope, Friday Oct 12th, 6-9pm at Great Divide Brewing Co. More info at:      Listen to Jay and Cj.mp3

Upcoming programs and events
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated July 30, ,2018

Arapahoe Calendar:
Sep 6 – Soap Box Derby winner, Buzz Pankoff
Sep 13 – Sertoman of the Year presentation
Sep 20 – Dave Plate, CU Sports Information Dir.
Sep 27 – Matt Crain, Co. Clerk & Recorder
Dec. 14th Christmas Party at Raccoon Creek Golf Course

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list
Aug 30 – Randy Smith
Sep 6 – Bob Stein
Sep 13 – Jack Thompson
Sep 20 – John Vierthaler

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Flying Five:  Carl Duncan
Pot of Gold:   Pat McKim
Hand Shake:  n/a

Board minutes 9 Aug