Song:    Dick Enslow     Pledge:   Randy Smith     Prayer:  Dave Miley

Guests:  n/a

Fines:  Couple cell phones went off.

Foundation News:   The Foundation still has a cemetery plot or two for sale.  They are located at Chapel Hill Cemetery.  If interested, contact one of the Foundation members or me ( and I will forward your contact to one of them.  You can view more details on Craig’s list, click here.

Announcements:    Rick Jacobus filled in for Pat McKim.

This came from:
Darryl Ching, Junior Vice President
Chuck Wilson, Director at Large
In Addition   The dues increase did not pass.

Don’t expect a refund if you just paid your dues.  There may still be news on this subject.

A Past President’s meeting is being held after today’s meeting.  They will be coming up with a list of Officers positions for the next year which is 2 months away.  Everyone needs to get involved in one way or another, don’t expect the same ole guys to do all the work.  It’s you’re club, make it work or we dry up.

Dave reported that the K1 Speed go-kart races event was a lot of fun again this year.  An outsider won and there was a lot of pizza to go around, thanks to Miley.

Several more Raffle tickets were sold on-line and most of them were from outside of Denver so someone has spread the word.  Let’s get the word out, any way you can, you still have a couple weeks for the on-line sales before it’s shut down May 15th.

Dick Mason has new King Soopers cards for $25.  The club receives %5 back when you use them but don’t let the amount on them get to zero or the card is no good and you would have to buy another one.  You can add more value to the cards, just ask Dick on the details.

Attention:  The on-line portion of the A-1 / Waves Raffle is live and on-line.  For all the details, read up on them so you can answer any questions your friends, relatives, and neighbors may have.  Hard Tickets can be purchased at the May sale on May 19th or 20th. Web site tickets are on-line and sales will end on May 15, 2018. Sign up early and let your friends know about these great trips.  Get an e-mail list ready to send out, it’s up to us to advertise as much as we can.

New Web link…    Karie’s business is  and she built the web page for A-1scuba

Put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas for programs.  Our Directors are running out of ideas.  Also, how about some club events?  Miley mentioned one at Top Golf.  Any other ideas?  We have the K-1 go-cart event next month with a sing-up sheet maybe next week.  Don won’t be there (he will be in Utah driving his BIG buggy) so someone else will have a chance to win…..Maybe even Pat this year but he may want to go practice first.

Sertoman of the Day:  No one stepped up to the plate again.

Program:  Randy Smith introduced Caley Corsello and Natalie Miller from Bonfils Blood Center.

During World War II when Americans were supporting the war effort at home, they realized the lifesaving importance of blood transfusions. For many communities, it created a new social responsibility to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply.

At that time the blood banks nearest to Denver were in Dallas and Kansas City. Dr. Osgoode Philpott and philanthropist Helen G. Bonfils recognized the need for a local community blood bank. In 1943, with a diverse group of community-minded people they founded Belle Bonfils Memorial Blood Bank, named after Helen’s beloved mother.

In 1971, the organization changed its name to Belle Bonfils Memorial Blood Center to better reflect its expanding services including research.

Today, Bonfils Blood Center’s nearly 400 employees continue to make a difference in our community. With eight community donor centers and up to 10 mobile blood drives each day, Bonfils serves patients at approximately 100 healthcare facilities in Colorado and beyond. Bonfils also offers a variety of services to better meet the needs of the community, including blood donation, marrow donation, corporate and community partnership opportunities and more.

In 2017 Bonfils merged with Blood Systems, one of the nation’s oldest and largest transfusion medicine organizations – and a fellow nonprofit. Headquartered in Denver, Blood Systems’ Mountain Division consists of Bonfils Blood Center operations in Colorado and United Blood Services (UBS) operations throughout Wyoming, western Nebraska and southwestern South Dakota. Together, Bonfils and UBS need to collect approximately 3,500 blood donations each week to support patients at nearly 140 hospitals and healthcare facilities.           Listen to

Upcoming programs and events
Sertoma Area Calendar

Arapahoe Calendar:
Apri 26 – Warrior Bonfire Program, Mike Foss

Upcoming SOD list

Apr 26 – Phil Grimm
May 3 – Doug Harder
May 10 – Orian Hunter
May 17 – Rick Jacobus
May 24 – John Laudermilk
May 31 – Mike Magee

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Flying Five:  n/a
Pot of Gold:   Randy Smith
Hand Shake:  n/a