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Announcements: Alice has set up a fund raiser at Angie’s Restaurant at 6797 W. Ottawa Ave (off S. Pierce St)  Sep. 10 thru 15th lunch and dinner.  No coupon needed, just mention Arapahoe Sertoma.    Mention this to all your family and friends.  (Up date:  I went there this last Tuesday and having forgotten when the event takes place, I asked the waitress and she confirmed Sep 10th it starts).

Steve Elis (sp) from Jeffco came to sell peaches from the western slope.  He passed around order forms and the peaches will be delivered after Labor Day.

Bronco pool winners:  Scott2, Pollak & Hunter

This week’s pool between Denver & Arizona

It’s official, I (Don) am leaving Arapahoe Sertoma at the end of September…. I’m paid up till then…Hopefully someone will step up and at least take over part of what I do, even if it’s just a paper copy of a Newsletter like we used to do.  Any more than that and I will gladly work with you to get you up to speed on the web stuff.  There are members that have not been helping for a long time, I think it’s their turn.  I don’t see any reason why a Foundation member can’t do it.

I am leaving due to the distance to the meeting and the traffic which is getting horrible.  With winter coming, it is just not worth it to drive that distance for a meal, and then have to go back through it and work about 3 hours putting a Newsletter together (paper copy much easier).  I figured I have spent 1/3rd of my life in Sertoma and have enjoyed it and getting to know you all and will miss the camaraderie. 

Sertoman of the Day:  n/a

Program:  Scott Manley introduced Jason Regier.  Jason last visited us in October of 2017 and was here today to bring us up to date on Wheelchair Rugby and the Paralympics.



Jason’s Rugby wheelchair with the right wheel removed.

Jason has won several medals over the years but it took him a long time to get to the point he was good enough to be on the Paralympics team.  He is retired as a player but has been hired by the Denmark team to help them become winners.

In 1996, Jason Regier was headed back to school to finish his senior year. He was a typical college kid listening to the radio in his car on a long trip from Denver, CO to Oregon State in Corvallis, OR. His life changed forever when he reached down to change the radio station. Jason’s jeep rolled three times. He sustained a spinal cord injury. Jason’s path lead him to Craig Hospital for rehabilitation. He stayed in Denver after rehab. He finished his undergraduate degree and went on to receive his Masters form the University of Denver. He also took up the sport of quad rugby.

Quad rugby is an intense game played form a wheelchair. Jason soon learned he played extremely well and he and quickly rose through the ranks to the play on a national and international level. Jason has played quad rugby on two World Championship Teams and two Paralympic Teams. In 2008, he won a gold medal, and a bronze in 2012. Today, Jason owns his own consulting business and plays a lot of rugby. He’s hoping to finish his international rugby career at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016.

After Jason’s presentation, Scott gave him a check from Arapahoe Sertoma and the Foundation for $1000 to be used for the Denver Harlequins Wheelchair Rugby program.

Listen to Jason Regier.mp3

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