Song:   Orian Hunter    Pledge:   Ed Bezjak    Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Tim, Rev. Robinsons LSC;   Joel White and his family, Doug’s wife Carolyn, Zach Harder and Capt. Troy McCarty & Lt Robert Rotherham of Douglas Co. Sheriff’s office.

Fines:   Doug for bringing all his families here for lunch;  Cell phone

Announcements:  One of Doug’s granddaughters received a little gift from the club for being cute.

Mike Ballew made one of his rare visits and he is doing well.

Gary gave an update on the up-coming Regional Convention.  The club is paying for Joe to attend and will subsidize $40 of the cost for any other members to attend.  Looks like about 4 are signed up.  If you want to go, contact Gary.  Your money has to be to Dick Mason by next Thursday’s meeting and it looks like it’s $125 per.  You can hear more about the Convention from Cindy Markham’s presentation last week:  Listen to Cindy Markham.mp3  Be sure to listen to the very end for more details on the convention.


Alice has set up a fund raiser at Angie’s Restaurant at 6797 W. Ottawa Ave (off S. Pierce St)  Sep. 10 thru 15th lunch and dinner.  No coupon needed, just mention Arapahoe Sertoma.    Mention this to all your family and friends.

Steve Elis (sp) from Jeffco came to sell peaches from the western slope last week.  He passed around order forms and the peaches will be delivered after Labor Day.

Bronco pool winners:  Manley, Buckland, Duncan & Bezjak.
This week’s pool between Denver & San Francisco:

Foundation meeting next week the 22nd.

You may want to start thinking about how future Newsletters and the Web pages will be handled in case I (Don) isn’t available in the future.

Sertoman of the Day:  n/a

Program:  Doug Harder read an introduction about Joel White, our Service to Mankind recipient this year.  Joel is Doug’s son-in-law and works for the Douglas Co. Sheriff’s office.  He has given talks to the club several times over the years about his career from being a school resource officer to being on the bomb squad and doing undercover work.  Joel has also received a Purple Heart and was in the U.S. Marine Corp.

His latest event was during the Stem School Shooting where he and several fellow officers were first on the scene and carried wounded kids out of the school and returning to do the same or to confront the shooter.  Unfortunately the Judge on the case has put a gag order out so Joel or the other two officers were not able to give any more details.

Listen to Doug’s introduction and other comments   Joel White.mp3

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