Song:   Tom Fry    Pledge:   Joe Gomez    Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Tim, Rev. Robinson’s LSC:  Steve Elis from Jeffco Club.

Fines:   ?

Announcements:  Next week’s meeting will be the awarding of the Service to Mankind Award to Joel White.  Joel is a member of the Douglas Co. Sheriffs and the Son-in-law to Doug Harder.  He as spoken to the club several times and has had a very interesting career in the Sheriffs office.  A large number of family members are expected and we hope that as many members as possible can attend to celebrate Joel.

Steve Elis (sp) from Jeffco came to sell peaches from the western slope.  He passed around order forms and the peaches will be delivered after Labor Day.

Scott brought a letter from Craig Hospital thanking us for the donation of $7,653

It was announced that we “will not have a lemonade stand at the Western Welcome Week parade this weekend”.

Bronco pool winners:  Gomez 2, ? and Jacobus.

Tim said he had planned on a Foundation meeting next week but is postponing it to the 22nd.

You may want to start thinking about how future Newsletters and the Web pages will be handled in case I (Don) isn’t available in the future.

Sertoman of the Day:  n/a

Program:    Gary introduced Cindy Markham, who is temporarily unemployed from Sertoma as the District Governor.  She had to postpone her visit here due to her mother passing not to long ago but is here to fill us in on all she has to share.

Cindy talked some about the new way Sertoma is doing things.  She mentioned that one reason they are doing away with the District Governor is that about 50% of them didn’t know what they were doing, let alone, they didn’t even know how many clubs they had in their District.  Also, many of the Governors had been doing it for many years and couldn’t get replacements. ( sounds like us trying to get new officers ).

She also mentioned her club is doing October fest again this year on September  28th.   $35…beer, wine and food with a DJ and dancing.  Can you Polka?  Contests and prizes…at South Glenn CC.

No longer is there a Presidents Round Table meeting.  It’s now, anyone can attend on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6pm at Parry’s Pizza in SouthGlenn.

She really came here to talk about the Regional Convention coming up soon.  It’s going to be VERY DIFFERENT…this year.  Face will be performing, most of the members are from Colorado.  Cindy disclosed that she was once the baby sitter to one of the members of the group.  She is actually raising money on the side to pay the discounted cost that the group would normally charge. The club voted to cover the amount she was short…..THANK YOU.

The convention is Oct 10-12th.  Can you imagine, Cindy told us to “Get a Room”  WHAT….$99 a night with amenities.  Embassy Suites in the Tech Center.

Listen to Cindy Markham.mp3  Be sure to listen to the very end for more details on the convention.

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