Song:   ?    Pledge:   Dave Miley    Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Tim, Rev. Robinson’s LSC

Fines:  Cell Phone

Announcements:   Bill Benton passed around the  Broncos / Atlanta football pool.  The membership must have been having “pool withdrawal” because he sold out pretty quick.  (I don’t think I have to say this but to view a larger version of the pool, click your mouse on the image….It should work on all computers …I think).

Dave Miley mentioned that the petition he passed around for a Recall of the Electoral vote got about twice the number of signatures needed.

From last week:  Mason went on to mention 3 things:  One is the King Sooper (New Program) in that we will be receiving $198 the first quarter and we have 17 households signed up.  Dick had information on how to sign up to pass out.  The same information has been on the past Newsletters, including this one.  (is no one reading these Newsletters?).  XC551 is our club’s number in the program but you can just scan for the club on the King Soopers web site when you are signing up.  (see info below)

Second thing:  Gary and Alice brought this up that Amazon Smile has a similar program.  ½% of your purchase will be given to the club.

Third: Regional Convention Oct 10-12th at Embassy Suits in the Tech Center.  More info later. An E-mail was sent out today to all members about the event.  Cindy Markham is scheduled to be at our meeting next week to give more info.  Dick would like us to at least send our President and maybe more.  It does cost…This will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Alice has set up a fund raiser at Angies Restaurant on Pierce Sep. 10 thru 15th.  No coupon needed, just mention Arapahoe Sertoma.  More information and directions will be coming.  Mention this to all your family and friends.

King Soopers is changing their program to do away with the extra card you have to carry and to put money onto.  It will NOT interfere with your other rewards, it is part of it.
Click here for a PDF file on how to get logged in: 

There seems to be some confusion on using or getting signed-up for the King Soopers Program.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Just follow the above instructions.  If you are problems, get a hold of someone to help you.  If you go to King Soopers and ask about this, take a copy of the above information with you.  Some stores seem to not know what you’re talking about.  It is now called:  KING SOOPERS or City Market COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM

You may want to start thinking about how future Newsletters and the Web pages will be handled in case I (Don) isn’t available in the future.

Sertoman of the Day:  n/a

Program:   John Vierthaler answered the call from Orian yesterday to be a program today.  John stepped up and did a great job, talking about Judges and Justices and then other matters about law that were asked of him.

Very informative and you can listen to John Vierthaler.mp3 here:


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