Song:   Dave Miley    Pledge:   Bill Benton    Prayer:   Doug Harder

Guests:   Steve Laudermilk, John’s son

Fines:  Doug, for a joke he told.

Announcements:  Dave Miley reported he won the main event at a car race in Scottsbluff, Neb. 2 weeks ago.

Tim asked how many people would like a district directory and who need a binder for it.  Today he was soliciting advertisers.  If you want to advertise in the directory, let Tim know.

Joe talked a little about quad Rugby and the athletes that participate in the sport.  Wheel chair sports are expanding and a very physical sport.

Gary talked about the up-coming Sertoma Conference in October and it’s cost.  Apparently Cindy Markham will be coming in a couple weeks to tell us more about it.  The group Face Vocal Band may be performing there.  You can to their web page at:  and near the bottom there are 4 videos of the group.  They are very good.

King Soopers is changing their program to do away with the extra card you have to carry and to put money onto.  It will NOT interfere with your other rewards, it is part of it.
Click here for a PDF file on how to get logged in: 

There seems to be some confusion on using or getting signed-up for the King Soopers Program.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Just follow the above instructions.  If you are problems, get a hold of someone to help you.  If you go to King Soopers and ask about this, take a copy of the above information with you.  Some stores seem to not know what you’re talking about.  It is now called:  KING SOOPERS or City Market COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM

Sertoman of the Day   Joe Gomez was born in January of 1945 in Walsenburg, Colorado and is the graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with BA and MA degrees.

He was employed as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at Craig Hospital.  He is a board member in Golf for the Disabled and his hobbies include his dogs (sitting, training, and entertaining). Sports, and hunting birds.  He is single and the guardian of two dogs.

His favorite Sertoma activities include Divers with Disabilities and fundraising.  Joe was active in these areas prior to joining Sertoma.  Joe volunteers with Golf 4 the Disabled and was able to get Arapahoe Sertoma to buy the organization a computer for their program.  The club is also sending a 4some to participate in an upcoming tournament.

Joe served in the Army National Guard as a medic staff sergeant E-5 before being discharged.  He never took a physical when joining and it caught up with him 3-1/2 years later.

Listen to Joe Gomez.mp3

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