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Guests:   n/a

Fines:   n/a

Announcements:  Doug Harder announced the results of this weeks Past Presidents Meeting.

He said that if you object to the results, it’s to late:  These are the preliminary positions.

Chairman of the Board:  Gary Athey
President:  Joe Gomez
VP Programs:  Orian Hunter, along with Vicky Oren, Don Demsky, John Vierthaler, Mike Makaroff.
VP Sponsorship: Chad Kasson
VP Membership:  Dough Harder
Treasurer:  Dick Mason
Secretary:  Alice Perkins
Ways & Means:  Pat McKim & Bill Benton (pool sales)
Dir. of Sponsorship:  Dick Enslow
Dir. of Social Events:  Randy Smith & Mike Magee
Attendance & Publicity:  Don Smith
Incentives:  John Laudermilk & Dave Miley
Sgt. at Arms:  Ed Bezjak, Rick Jacobus, Scott Manley & Doug Harder
Rick Jacobus for Freedom Week

Foundation positions stay the same:
President:  Tim Pollak
Secretary:  Carl Duncan
Glenn Combellick, Phil Grimm & Scott Manley

Others not listed will help on committees.  Stein, Fry,  Buckland, Campbell and anyone else,

 Tim announced that May 16th is the Foundation’s quarterly meeting.

Scott needs volunteers to help with Raffle Ticket sales at A-1 Scuba the weekend of May 18-19.  Please contact him if you can help.  This is a great time to help the club if you haven’t been doing much the last year.

Bill Benton passed out fliers for this year’s veterans Memorial Celebration, Sunday, May 26th at Englewood High School 4PM.

This year’s Induction Dinner at Raccoon Creek Jun 20th. This is the same place as the last Christmas party.  They waived the $200 fee for the room.   Next week we will take a vote on the meal, pulled pork or Italian Buffett.

Dick Mason gave a brief explanation of what is going on with the King Soopers Card program.  Well, King Soopers is changing their program to do away with the extra card you have to carry and to put money onto.  Now, if you have a Rewards card and designate a charity, King Soopers with automatically donate a percentage of your purchase to the charity when you swipe the card at checkout.  If you don’t already have a Rewards Card (why don’t you?), go to their service desk and get one.  Not only do you get some great savings but also fuel discounts.  Once you have a card, you will sign onto their web and tell them what charity you want the donation to go to.  It will NOT interfere with your other rewards.
Click here for details of the program.


We have sold 136 tickets online and Mason and Buckland have hard copies of tickets.  Let’s all do our part in promoting this thing, get the word out.  The drawing is May 19 but on-line sales end May 15th.

Business cards were passed out to all members with the details for the Raffle and links on how to get to the Raffle web site.  We need everyone’s help in promoting this.  I will have more stuff to send shortly but for now, talk to family and friends and pass out the cards you got.  One thing you can do is when emailing your family and friends, just add the web link at the bottom of your email with a short title.  Also, suggest to them that they help spread the word.

This year’s Field of Dreams Baseball camp is in need of kids.  Spread the word and if you need information on it, goto  Registration must be received by June 8, 2019.

Sertoman of the Day   Tom Fry just wouldn’t say no to postponing his SOD report until next week when we didn’t have a program.

Tom (the tooth) Fry didn’t use a stool this time (again) and began the epic saga of his life starting with his dad and granddad.  Between his scratching of the mic and comments from the peanut gallery, I think we got most of his adventure through life.

Tommy (Tooth) Fry was born in 1933, 86 years ago.  A product of the sturdy Custer County High School graduating in 1951, Tommy moved on to Carleton College graduating in 1954, then to Columbia Dental School earning his Dental tools in 1958,  followed by two years in the Army (1958-1960) defending the Great Northwest where not a single dental stool was destroyed.  Kay agreed to marry Tom in ‘58, four days after Tom graduated from Columbia Dental School.  Over the years, they have gained 3 kids and 2 grandkids.

Tommy came to Denver in Sep. of 1960, just after his 2 years in the Army and practiced dentistry on Federal ‘til the flood of ‘65’, then at the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe Rd beginning in 1970.  Though he practiced, he apparently didn’t get the hang of it and retired in ‘96.  Tom was brought into the club by Bob Gallagher in 1965/66 and the club has benefited immensely.    Listen to Tom Fry.mp3

Program:   Phil Grimm introduced Mike Makaroff (a lawyer so don’t hold that against him).  Mike couldn’t hold himself back as be talked about all things courts and lawyering. But first, he gave a little run down on his life and coming to the United States when he was young.

Mike’s father was born in Siberia and had to leave Russia and made his way to Paris, France.  Mike was born in France and is mother was worried about that because you never loss your citizenship in France but he didn’t have a problem when he went back to visit.  At the age of 18, Mike went to Buffalo, N.Y. to become a U.S. Citizen.  Mike is very proud of that fact and feels very lucky.

Mike was bilingual and that was a big advantage for him as a kid growing up in the U.S.  Mike liked helping other people and that was a big reason for him to become a lawyer and his ability to speak Russian let him help Russian speaking people that had legal problems.

Listen to Mike Makaroff.mp3


Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated Apr 2019

Arapahoe Calendar:
May 16th – Foundation meeting
May 18-19 – A-1 Scuba Raffle sales
Jun 20th – Induction Dinner at Raccoon Creek.

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list:
May 16 –
Jun  – Joe Gomez
Jul  – Doug Harder
**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Flying Five:     Gary Athey
Pot of Gold:   Randy Smith
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