Song:   Tim Pollak   Pledge:    Dave Miley   Prayer:   Doug Harder

Guests:  n/a

Fines:   Couple late arrivals


Doug announced the new slate of Officers for the upcoming year and the club voted to accept it as read.

Chairman of the Board:  Gary Athey
President:  Joe Gomez
VP Programs:  Orian Hunter, along with Vicky Oren, Don Demsky, John Vierthaler, Mike Makaroff.
VP Sponsorship: Chad Kasson
VP Membership:  Dough Harder
Treasurer:  Dick Mason
Secretary:  Alice Perkins
Ways & Means:  Pat McKim & Bill Benton (pool sales)
Dir. of Sponsorship:  Dick Enslow
Dir. of Social Events:  Randy Smith & Mike Magee
Attendance & Publicity:  Don Smith
Incentives:  John Laudermilk & Dave Miley
Sgt. at Arms:  Ed Bezjak, Rick Jacobus, Scott Manley
Rick Jacobus for Freedom Week

Foundation positions stay the same:
President:  Tim Pollak
Secretary:  Carl Duncan
Glenn Combellick, Phil Grimm & Scott Manley

Others not listed will help on committees.  Stein, Fry,  Buckland, Campbell and anyone else,

Don’t forget this year’s veterans Memorial Celebration, Sunday, May 26th at Englewood High School 4PM.

This year’s Induction Dinner at Raccoon Creek on Jun 20th. This is the same place as the last Christmas party.  They waived the $200 fee for the room.  A vote on the meal, pulled pork or Italian Buffet went to Italian Buffet.

King Soopers is changing their program to do away with the extra card you have to carry and to put money onto.  It will NOT interfere with your other rewards.
Click here for details of the program.


We sold about 160 tickets online and a total of 500.   The drawing was May 19th,  and JoAnn Hammond won the trip and Todd Lindhome won the $500.

This year’s Field of Dreams Baseball camp is in need of kids.  Spread the word and if you need information on it, goto  Registration must be received by June 8, 2019.

Sertoman of the Day    n/a

Program:   The program cancelled so Phil Grimm talked about “Silver Water”.  Phil has been making the water for several years and swears by the results he has had with his health.  He has his wife and many family members using it and also a few friends.  He makes it himself and saves a bundle doing that, once the machine was bought.

I did a search and found this:  All About Colloidal Silver: Is It Healthy or Dangerous?

There are more YouTube videos talking about Colloidal Silver and how to make the water and how to make the machine, a little DIY project and save $200 or more.  There is nothing mysterious about the store bought unit, very simple.  You can make one using 3-9v batteries, some wire and the silver rods.  The rods are the expensive part, around $30 for a pair.  So, if you are interested and believe everything Phil says, give it a try.

Listen to Phil Grimm.mp3

Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated Apr 2019

Arapahoe Calendar:
May 26 – Veterans Memorial Celebration Englewood HS. 4PM
Jun 20th – Induction Dinner at Raccoon Creek. NO MEETING THAT DAY

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list:
Jun  – Joe Gomez
Jul  – Doug Harder
**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Flying Five:
Pot of Gold:   Bill Benton
Hand Shake:  n/a