Song: Don Smith   Pledge:    ?     Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests: Don Demsky and Vicky Oren were voted into the club and as soon as the paper work comes in from National, they will be inducted.

Randy Penn came to hear our speaker today.  Also we had Graham Russell, friend of Dave Miley and Tim Dubus,  Rev. Robinson’s LSC.

Fines:   Couple late arrivals and a cell phone.

Announcements:  Gary passed out forms for us to either offer to be or select future officers or committee members for the club in the up-coming new fiscal year.  Also, forms to submit names to be our Sertoman of the Year and also someone to be our Service to Mankind award winner.  Those have to been done shortly.  A lot of empty forms were left on the tables, that is not to encouraging.

Bill reports it won’t be long before the Football Pool starts off for this year, they now have a schedule so save your pennies up.

May 7th looks like the date for the Past Presidents meeting this year.  More to follow.

If You haven’t been doing anything for the club in the last couple years, it’s time to step up to the plate.  I know we don’t have the membership we used to have and there are a lot of positions so maybe you will have to do the same job more than once or do something more than once every 10 years.

Dick Mason gave a brief explanation of what is going on with the King Soopers Card program.  Well, King Soopers is changing their program to do away with the extra card you have to carry and to put money onto.  Now, if you have a Rewards card and designate a charity, King Soopers with automatically donate a percentage of your purchase to the charity when you swipe the card at checkout.  If you don’t already have a Rewards Card (why don’t you?), go to their service desk and get one.  Not only do you get some great savings but also fuel discounts.  Once you have a card, you will sign onto their web site and tell them what charity you want the donation to go to.  It will NOT interfere with your other rewards.  Click here for details of the program.

Joy Newman, Senior Vice President, visited Denver the other day and Gary attended and reported today some of what he learned. One thing she said was National found out there were a few clubs not paying dues into National…..WHAT…those clubs hadn’t gone through the manuals to know they had to pay dues.  There seems to be a disconnect between some clubs and National.  Also, the dues increase failed and at the National level, there has been less enthusiasm in members attending National conventions.

No governors after July so National wants to know what to do with the money the Governors have in an account for District and Regional.  There will be a vote soon so what do you want to do with the money in the accounts?  Sent to National or return to the clubs?


We have sold about 75 tickets online and Mason and Buckland have hard copies of tickets.  Let’s all do our part in promoting this thing, get the word out.   Bob announced that the drawing is one month away.

Business cards were passed out to all members with the details for the Raffle and links on how to get to the Raffle web site.  We need everyone’s help in promoting this.  I will have more stuff to send shortly but for now, talk to family and friends and pass out the cards you got.  One thing you can do is when emailing your family and friends, just add the web link at the bottom of your email with a short title.  Also, suggest to them that they help spread the word.

This year’s Field of Dreams Baseball camp is in need of kids.  Spread the word and if you need information on it, goto  Registration must be received by June 8, 2019.

Sertoman of the Day:    n/a

Program:   Dave Miley introduced Bill Newman who works for DHM Design-  Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Urban Design and Ecological Planning..  He and his company designed the area around the South Platte River and had a slide show presentation to show off his work.  I tried to find some info about this program on their web page but I didn’t see anything.  They have done work at Mount Rushmore the Pikes Peak Summit Complex, Columbine Memorial and many other projects around the country.      Listen to Bill Newman.mp3

Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated Apr 2019

Arapahoe Calendar:
Apr 25 – Bev Marquez – Suicide Prevention

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list:
May 16 – Tom Fry
Jun  – Joe Gomez
Jul  – Phil Grimm
Mike Makaroff will be up shortly since he is a new member and we have not heard from him yet so Mike, get your notes ready, you might be called up to fill in for a missing program.

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Pot of Gold:    Doug Harder 
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