Song: Don Smith   Pledge:    Orian Hunter   Prayer:   Bob Buckland

Guests: The Board decided to vote on the two newest people wanting to join the club after a voice announcement that Vicky Oren was being verbally publicized at the Board Meeting.  Don Demsky and Vicky Oren were voted into the club and as soon as the paper work comes in from National, they will be inducted.  Welcome to Arapahoe Sertoma.

Fines:  No good sour note goes unpunished, Don was fined for his beautiful rendition of the club song.  (I think everyone needs to get their hearing aides re-tuned, it sounded good to me).  Also, Ed Bezjak was fined, just to welcome him back after his 6 month vacation.  His only comment was; “25 bits is all”.

Announcements:  Gary says Sertoma is 107 years old today.  It started as the Stand Together Club, then the 1st Cooperative Club of Kansas City.

No governors after July so National wants to know what to do with the money the Governors have in an account for District and Regional.  There will be a vote soon so what do you want to do with the money in the accounts?  Sent to National or return to the clubs?

It’s getting that time again to decide who will be the new officers of the club starting in July.  Orian wanted to congratulate Gary for staying up to date on Sertoma events to the chant:  “one more year” or “two more years” or “four more years”….take your pick.

(Editorial from Don) The point is, we need people to step up and do some work for the club.  It’s pretty much the same people each year with a few sitting around not participating (you know who you are).  It was asked:  WHO HAS NOT BEEN PRESIDENT BEFORE?   Well, the list is slim but there are a couple that have not held that (or any) position.  For the record, I (Don) have not and will not and here is why.  I have been doing the Web Pages and Newsletters for many a year now and will continue to do same going forward.  What more can you ask then someone being in a position since around 2006, let alone other positions held sense joining around 1996. So my point in my situation is, who would do the Web pages and Newsletter?

If You haven’t been doing anything for the club in the last couple years, it’s time to step up to the plate.  I know we don’t have the membership we used to have and there are a lot of positions so maybe you will have to do the same job more than once or do something more than once every 10 years.

Apparently this is some problems with the King Sooper card program.  Dick Mason is going to look into it and report back soon.

Joy Newman, Senior Vice President, will be visiting with Denver and Colorado Springs Sertomans to discuss how Sertoma Inc. can help our clubs in the future.  Gary wanted to know who would like to attend and it looks like just he and Dick Mason will.  It will be at 6:00 pm on Monday, April 15 at Schomp BMW, 1190 Plum valley Lane, Highlands Ranch.


We have sold about 56 tickets online and Mason and Buckland have hard copies of tickets.  Let’s all do our part in promoting this thing, get the word out.

Business cards were passed out to all members with the details for the Raffle and links on how to get to the Raffle web site.  We need everyone’s help in promoting this.  I will have more stuff to send shortly but for now, talk to family and friends and pass out the cards you got.  One thing you can do is when emailing your family and friends, just add the web link at the bottom of your email with a short title.  Also, suggest to them that they help spread the word.

This year’s Field of Dreams Baseball camp is in need of kids.  Spread the word and if you need information on it, goto  Registration must be received by June 8, 2019.

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Program:  Bob Stein introduced Ida May Nicholl from the Englewood (The Carnation City) Historical Society.  Their mission is To Preserve and share Englewood’s history.  They are always looking for volunteers and donations.

(sorry for blurry image, they all were that way)

The history of Englewood begins in 1858, when gold was discovered on what came to be called Little Dry Creek by William Green Russell, an early settler of the high plains. Two years later, Thomas Skerritt, considered to be the founder of the city, established a home in the area, which was called Orchard Place.

Ida May has been a speaker several times in the past and always has some interesting stories to tell about Englewood and the surrounding area.   It’s time again for their Veterans Memorial Celebration on Sunday, May 26th at 4pm to be held at Englewood High School, 3800 S. Logan St., Englewood 80113   See below for details.   Listen to Ida May Nicholl.mp3

Upcoming programs and events:
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Sertoma Calendar–Updated Apr 2019

Arapahoe Calendar:
Apr 11 – Ida Mae – Englewood Historical Society and the Veterans Memorial at Englewood High School
Apr 18 – Bill Newman

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Upcoming SOD list:
May 16 – Tom Fry
Jun  – Joe Gomez
Jul  – Phil Grimm
Mike Makaroff will be up shortly since he is a new member and we have not heard from him yet so Mike, get your notes ready, you might be called up to fill in for a missing program.

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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