Song: Bill Benton     Pledge: Dave Miley       Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests:  Tim Dubus, Rev. Robinson’s LSC.   Vicky Oren once again was with Don Demsky who has submitted an application and this will make his FIRST publication for membership.

Fines: none

Announcements:   Gary was back in charge.


Business cards were passed out to all members with the details for the Raffle and links on how to get to the Raffle web site.  We need everyone’s help in promoting this.  I will have more stuff to send shortly but for now, talk to family and friends and pass out the cards you got.  One thing you can do is when emailing your family and friends, just add the web link at the bottom of your email with a short title.  Also, suggest to them that they help spread the word.

Rev. Jim Robinson is NOT MOVING.

Scott passed around a Pennies for Leukemia box for his granddaughter.

The Sertoma Club of Littleton is having their 27th Annual Golf Tournament Monday, May 20th, 2019,  It will be at Bear Dance and the cost is $150/Individual and $600/Team of Four.  This was discussed at the Board Meeting but didn’t know if there would be enough interest from the membership.  There wasn’t enough last year.  If interested, contact Jeff Sahr at

Sertoma International is having an election soon for new officers and wants your vote. I’m not going into details here, if you are interested, goto and register.

This year’s Field of Dreams Baseball camp is in need of kids.  Spread the word and if you need information on it, goto  Registration must be received by June 8, 2019.

Sertoman of the Day:   Dick Enslow did a great job of killing time until 1:30pm but he did have an interesting subject:   Deicing the planes at DIA, how it’s done and his involvement.  Dick has been doing this for several years now and must really enjoy squirting planes with hot water/anti-freeze stuff.

Listen to Dick Enslow and his water squirting story.mp3

Program:    n/a

Upcoming programs and events:
Sertoma Area Calendar
Sertoma Calendar–Updated Jan 2019

Arapahoe Calendar:
Apr 18 – Bill Newman

Future Programs:      Past programs:   Club history

Upcoming SOD list:
Apr 11 – Carl Duncan
May 16 – Bruce Elsey
Mike Makaroff will be up shortly since he is a new member and we have not heard from him yet so Mike, get your notes ready, you might be called up to fill in for a missing program.

**If you are not the next up, please be ready to take that spot if that person is not here.**

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Flying Five: Phil Grimm
Pot of Gold:    Rick Campbell 
Hand Shake:  n/a