Song:   Bob Buckland   Pledge:  John Verthaler  Prayer:   Rev. Robinson

Guests:  Rev. Robinson introduced his LSC Tim Dubus

Fines:    n/a

Announcements:   John Vierthaler showed up today using a cane.  He had a hip replaced 3 weeks ago is doing very well with it.  John apologized for not being here for the induction of Mike Makaroff whom he sponsored but now that we know why he was absent, we will cancel the huge fine he was going to receive.

Karen Marston will attend our February 14th meeting.
She is with the Dry Creek Chapter and will be selling tickets for their Winter Wonderland event for $25.

Freedom Week signup sheet was passed around but a couple people had to drop out so if you didn’t sign up and want to go, contact Rick Jacobus.  This year it’s on Tuesday 19 Feb., registration 10:30-  Lunch 11:30.  Club is paying unless you sign up and then don’t show up….then YOU pay.  You can bring a guest at $33 each. Location:  Pine Hurst CC.

There WILL NOT be a regular Thursday lunch meeting that week, the 21st of Feb.   The International Presidents Reception is the day before, Feb 18th at 6:30 at South Glenn CC.  Four people have signed up to attend.   If you want to go, contact Rick for details.

Tim reported on the quarterly Promotion Club meeting he attended.  Denver will host the Regional meeting/convention later this fall.  They will be needing help so more info on this later.

Tim also read a Thank You letter that our Foundation received from Megan.  The apartment her and her family lived in caught fire last October and the donation the Foundation made to them was very much appreciated and very helpful.

Feb 14 Foundation meeting after lunch

Super Bowl winners:   Glenn Combellick, Rick Jacobus & Bill Benton2

Sertoman of the Day:   no SOD due to program.

Program:  Dick Mason introduced Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey, Executive Director of A Little Help and Gary and Pat Athey’s Minister.  Paul has a band, Leon & The Revival.

A Little Help’s mission is to connect neighbors to help seniors thrive. Our vision is to see neighbors connected across generations engaged in strong communities.

A Little Help is a nonprofit organization that connects neighbors across ages to enhance lives and strengthen our communities.

To that end, A Little Help is helping older adults to age well in their homes by connecting them to an important resource plentiful in every community, good neighbors. Many tasks around the house and yard chip away at independence, but with A Little Help, good neighbors can help elders with transportation, yard work, handiwork, home organization, and social engagement, empowering seniors to thrive in the communities they have put down roots in for decades. We create opportunities for our seniors to share reciprocally their stories and skills in the community. For example, as Service Saturday! volunteers are working hard to clear flower beds and cut down vines, our members are quick to impart their own wisdom and experience to share gardening tips with young adults and new homeowners.

Our elders have made the choice of staying at home, with a little help from their friends and neighbors, rather than moving to a retirement community (with a lot of help). Studies show that living in the comfort of our own homes is the best, and most cost-effective, choice of most people.

We get by with A Little Help from our friends…

Join our community as a volunteer, member, and donor to help A Little Help thrive! A little help goes a long way.

Paul’s band has a couple YouTube videos online, one of them was filmed at Farland Classic Restoration’s building adding a nice echo effect.  Just google leon and the revival and you will get the links to the videos.  You can also go to their web page for shows and dates at:      Listen to Paul Ramsey.mp3

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Feb 19 – Freedom Week
Feb 21 – NO LUNCH

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Feb 14 – Glenn Combellick
Mar 14 – Carl Duncan
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Flying Five:   n/a
Pot of Gold:      Bill Benton
Hand Shake:  n/a